Aix Les Bains et le Lac du Bourget

Aix Les Bains

Aix-les-Bains, city of natural spring water.

One of the most beautiful places in Savoie is Aix-les-Bains. The city is situated on the eastern shore of the Lac du Bourget and because of its beautiful location is sometimes given the meaningful nickname of "Riviera of the Alps". Aix-les-Bains is also known as a spa resort. It is even claimed that the thermal waters of the city have curative virtues against respiratory problems and rheumatoid arthritis. The natural spring water is one of the main attractions of the city. But Aix-les-Bains has more to offer than just that. You can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, a day of wellness to relax or the wonderful walking and cycling possibilities. You can find more information about it below or simply come to the Camping du Lac Saint Clair, 40 minutes from the city.

The beauty of Aix-les-Bains

The reason why people are considering a trip to Aix-les-Bains is, apart from the curative spring water, the particularly beautiful setting of the city. The exceptional position between the Lac du Bourget on one side and the Massif des Bauges on the other side offers a superb panorama. The proximity of water and mountains gives the city that little something special.

Lac du Bourget is a lake of glacial origin and with its 44 km2 it is the largest of its kind in France. On the lake you have the possibility to practise water sports, such as boating, water skiing, diving, windsurfing or wind surfing etc... The numerous marinas and fishing ports on its shores will be happy to welcome you. At the beginning of July, the lake banks host the annual Musilac festival every year, featuring the biggest stars of French and international music.

To the east of the city is the Parc régional du massif des Bauges. This plateau covers more than 81,000 hectares and offers a magnificent view of limestone cliffs and mountain and meadow landscapes. 

Discover Aix-les-Bains

In the old centre of Aix-les-Bains, the numerous terraces and shops form the backdrop to the friendly old streets of the city and invite you to relaxation. The historic buildings, which testify to an architectural vision, are also an integral part of the city's landscape. The town hall and the Grand Cercle du Casino are obvious examples of this.

The town hall is a former castle from the Middle Ages. The castle was built by the noble family of Seyssel and has been modified and restored several times. Nevertheless, the castle has retained its 16th century appearance. The town bought the castle in 1866 and finally transformed it into the town hall.

The majestic Casino Grand Cercle is a 3-minute walk away. The Casino is located in the Palais de Savoie and was inaugurated in 1850 by Vittorio Emanuele II, then King of Italy and Duke of Savoy. This royal bond even allowed the Greek King George I and the British Queen Victoria to take a bet there. In addition to a casino, the building has several bars and an Italian-style theatre.

Art lovers can visit the Musée Faure. The museum is housed in an imposing villa from the early 20th century and has a rich collection of paintings and sculptures from the period between 1850 and 1920. This collection was donated to the city by Dr. Jean Faure, a passionate art collector. It houses the 2nd largest collection in France of sculptures by Rodin and paintings by Corot, Boudin and Jongkind, among others.

For people who prefer something a little more active, there are still the various walking and cycling routes around Aix-les-Bains. These routes will give you the opportunity to discover the phenomenal landscape by foot or by bike. The mountain slopes, the murmuring streams and the green forests of the Massif des Bauges are ideal for an unforgettable walking or cycling tour. A visit to Mont Revard is also definitely a must. The summit of this mountain is more than 1,500 metres above sea level and offers a breathtaking view of Lac du Bourget and the surrounding area.

Taste the delights of Savoie

All these activities would certainly make anyone hungry and thirsty... But even in Aix-les-Bains, you'll find a solution. There is no lack of restaurants, cafés and brasseries, and specialised shops such as ice-cream shops, cheese dairies and confectioners will introduce you to the gastronomy of Savoie. The town is also very trendy with its cocktail bars and its streets teeming in the evenings and at weekends. Small shops, department stores and real fashion boutiques alternate so that even the biggest shoppers can treat themselves.

Aix les Bains is a charming city, very close to the Camping du Lac Saint Clair in La Rochette. Don't forget to visit this thermal spa when you come to the campsite but also take advantage of your stay to discover the other touristic places in the surroundings: Chambéry, Albertville or even Annecy.

If you would like more information about the campsite, here you will find details of all our accommodation, from mobile homes and chalets to bare camping pitches.

So see you soon!!!