Accrobranche en Savoie

Tree Climbing

Tree climbing in Savoie, a brief history

Do you like thrilling activities? Come and discover the most beautiful treetop adventure parks in the French Alps. Tree climbing is ideal for exploring the forests of Savoie while getting your adrenaline pumping and having fun with your loved ones.

In 1995, a retired soldier created the first forest acrobatic park in Serre-Chevalier in the Hautes-Alpes. His idea? To adapt the obstacle course to the general public. He created his first park in Serre-Chevalier in a wooded area and others followed in the following years. Today, this department of the Hautes-Alpes still has the largest number of tree-climbing parks in France.

A day climbing in the trees

A few kilometres from the Lac de Saint Clair campsite, you can enjoy a day of tree climbing with family or friends. We advise you to wear good shoes and clothes that make you comfortable. Once you have put on your climbing harness, you will receive a quick but complete safety training and a basic course before leaving. Of course, all climbing equipment, structures and trees are regularly checked to ensure your safety at all times.

It's up to you to discover the course! You can choose between different levels where you climb to different heights. The level of difficulty generally corresponds to a colour code similar to that of the ski slopes: green (easy), blue (medium), red (difficult) and black (very difficult). Some slopes can reach a height of 20 metres and contain all kinds of obstacles such as footbridges, crossroads, beams, ladders, vines and monkey bridges. Can you manage to surpass yourself and complete the black course?

Camping Le Lac Saint Clair

Staying at Le Lac Saint Clair campsite is a sign of relaxation and nature. The campsite is therefore an ideal choice for those seeking peace and quiet, but culture lovers can also pitch their tents here. Take a drive along the picturesque villages in the surrounding area or enjoy the campsite's atmosphere. In addition, the campsite is equipped with all the necessary facilities such as electricity, clean sanitary facilities and a small shop. Start your day in the beautiful nature with tasty sandwiches and fresh croissants. There is plenty of shade and the pitches offer enough space for the whole family.

Feel like a swim on a hot day? Then head to the swimming pool located 1.5 km from the campsite. Guests of the campsite can bathe here free of charge every day and for the little ones there is a separate children's pool. Camping du Lac Saint Clair is a pleasant alternative for those who prefer not to camp in a tent and do not want to go on holiday with a caravan. Chalets and mobile homes can be rented on the campsite, equipped with all amenities and with a maximum capacity of six people. The accommodations have their own sanitary facilities, a spacious kitchen and a sitting area with television. Use your own kitchen and prepare a good meal with local produce or arrange a pleasant drink with French wine and cheese.


Lac Saint Clair is not only an attractive resting place, but also a good starting point for a cultural visit to the beautiful town of Chambéry. In this town you can walk along medieval buildings and beautiful canals and visit a castle in the historical centre. Are your eyes saturated by this picturesque city and do you feel like discovering nature? Then go for a quick ride in the hilly surroundings with a rented bike or go for a mountain climb with an experienced guide.

Why our campsite in Savoie?

Camping Le Lac de Saint Clair is an ideal location because you are surrounded by tree-climbing parks. Around Détrier you will find the climbing parks of Fort de Tamié in Albertville, Parc du Diable in Maurienne and Banzai Aventure in Allevard-Les-Bains which are easily accessible. There are many fun activities to be found in this area. Whether it's tree climbing, rock climbing, hiking or other... Savoie conceals many treasures. So don't hesitate and book your summer holidays in the mountains!